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Velvet Bedspread

Last year I lucked upon a very large sheet of maroon velvet cloth with a beautiful floral pattern pressed into it on a closeout rack at discount price.  For a year it sat packed away in my material box and was forgotten about.  I happened upon it while digging for a remnant for another project and figured it was time to finish the project I had begun.  The cloth is so heavy it didn’t need a quilting batting so I merely added a nice silk back in the same maroon color. These pictures do not do it justice, of course my daughters inability to stay off  it for one wrinkle free picture didn’t help.  I’ll try to get a better shot another day, in meantime I will be enjoying curling under it’s plush soft luxury on my bed tonight.

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Today was spent cutting out flannel receiving blankets for a local shelter.  I cut a total of 20 today and hope to have completed 50 by Thanksgiving. I would love to supply 100 this year but materials and time may become a factor as there are so many other projects also demanding my time.

Many of the expecting mothers who arrive at shelters start with nothing for themselves much less their soon to be little ones.  A gift as simple as a receiving blanket to bring their little ones home from hospital with mean a great deal to them, and are often cherished.

Tomorrow I will do the cuts for the Preemie blankets, they are so tiny they look like they should be made for dolls.  Ranging form 12″ for smallest upwards to 18″ in size.  Hospitals struggle to find such tiny wrappings for these special little joys.

I also will whip up a few extra to sell to aid in supply costs to allow me to create more items for those who need them most.  Everyone deserves a bright start to life and perhaps, just perhaps, one of these special blankets will offer that to a special little someone.

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