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My poor laundry room has to be the most disrespected room in my house.  It does a lot of work and gets little pampering for it’s efforts.  The bland and “much need of help” walls along with the small space made me really just want to get in and out quickly.  As part of my home remodeling I decided one of the first projects I would tackle is that room in hopes to brighten it up and in such lift my own spirits.

Rather then wall paper or paint I opted for laminating paper. I wanted something easy to clean off with soap and water, wouldn’t hold crayon and other stains my children would most likely put on them, and that could cover the flaws on the walls.  To assure the humidity wouldn’t be an issue I chose to use adhesive spray capable of handling the moisture and heat.   Here is the before and after, I am rather proud of what I accomplished and am pleased with the results.  The walls were a pain to work with as they held bumps, ridges and nail holes from the previous owner, lets not even get into the strange glue spots that look like someone wiped their trowel off in center of them.  But all in all and despite obstacles I now have a laundry room I enjoy.  A cherry on top, I can say I did it myself.  One of the beginning of many home improvement projects.

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