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This is the results from the first day of decorating for Halloween.  With all my traditional decorations shoved in back of the walk in closet due to current home improvement project materials. I had to make due with dollar stores and odd and end craft supplies.  I plan to uncover the rest this week and finish more of the yard.  My daughter insisted nothing to spooky, so she made her “Friendly Halloween Tree” just for her, I will be putting candy in each of the little baskets for the children to select and take home.

The Coffin is actually a part of a old series of modular bookcases repainted.  I will be putting burlap inside and a fake skeleton along with a strobe light.  On top rests one of many gravestones that need to be put on sticks and “planted”.

I love the “Eye See You” tree, the eyes were from some $1.00 window clings. Double-sided tape and some glow in dark gloss paint illuminates them after dark, as do the spider webs and the spider egg sacks hanging from the over the coffin.

I absolutely love the kids pumpkins this year. I expected the traditional faces to be wanted to be put on them and think they chose wonderful designs.  The seeds of course are in oven to be roasted and salted for snacks later.

I wish I had more time to do more, make more, create more…oh well.  Time to turn focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas.  After the caramel apples, Halloween cupcakes, cookies, spooky party foods and parties before trick-or-treating that is.

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This is Hocus and if cats have truly 9 lives, she’s used up about 6 of her’s already in her short lifetime. But she’s determined and holds a huge desire for life, so her and I keep fighting, so far she’s won the battle and her odds improve everyday.

Hocus was found under my house in a old ventilation tube wedged between floorboards and a plastic covering.  After listening to her cries for a couple nights I finally ripped up my floor to reach her.  Even with my best attempt I could not manage to reach her and she was just a little kitten and very dehydrated and emancipated, not to mention she was by all means a wild kitten.  Yet when I called her she managed to climb up the insulation and get into enough range I could grasp the fur of her neck and pull her to safety.  She was so cold I really didn’t think she would survive the night, and to young to feed herself.  She spent the first night of her life tucked under my shirt for warmth, but being syringe fed was no issue, she would suck the food out of syringe faster then I could lower the plunger.

I wish I could say her story ended there for her troubles but they don’t.  Twice I found her laying near dead, eyes set in her safety cage.  Both times she refused to give up and with many hot blankets and heating pad nights later, she rebounded back into her energetic self.  She went through a period where she was digesting no food given her, the vet felt she would never put on weight and keep declining. Suggested the best thing for her was to be put down.  But she was so full of life and determination I couldn’t bring myself to not give her a chance.  For two weeks I created homemade formulas using eggs, corn syrup, vitamins and pumpkin puree.  She willingly ate it, it willingly agreed with her and seemed to correct whatever the digestive issue was as she’s back now on hard kitten food without issue.

She is a tiny thing, far smaller then she should be for her age, if she ever grows past the size of a 6 month old cat I’ll be shocked, but she is determined to survive.  Together her and I are achieving that goal and each day she grows stronger and the struggles lesser.  For now, she’s content in seeing how much trouble she can find and exploring everything, when she’s not planted on my lap getting her purr on that is.

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New Additions

Got a way to early wake up call from my son announcing that he heard kittens mewing. Sure enough, our outside cat decided to sneak in last night and have her kittens in the bottom drawer of his dresser.   Got her and them settled in and now I need to wash up the extra bedding I had stored there.

Not sure if the pictures display it well enough, but these kittens have the oddest coloration. They have pure black faces and the rest of their body is a gray and tan “marble”.

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