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This is a wild persimmon tree that showed up at my backdoor one summer, literally. What made this tree special is that it came during a time when we were low in funds, struggling with putting food on table and that fall she offered us a blessing of her abundance and the children a treat during the seeming dreary holiday season where food much less presents were questionable. She grew fast, produced several offspring’s and now I have a little grove of wild persimmons to enjoy.

They sure arn’t pretty fruits are they? But when ripe they are very flavorful.  My favorite method of preserving them is simply to dehydrate or “candy” them before dehydrating. To candy I use 1 cup sugar, 1 cup corn syrup to 2 cups water and peel, slice the fruit and let fruit sit in hot syrup for 30 minutes before putting on dehydrator.  Persimmon pudding and jams are also delicious.

Some wonder why I bother to year after year gather her fruits and even plant her seeds to grow saplings to share with others.  To me, it just feels the right thing to do.

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