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The Great Escape

It started with one, trying her best to make her way out of the bottom drawer.  Brother soon had his attention caught and decided to make his way to see what was up.  Before long, up popped two little heads seeking their great escape.  Only a matter of days before they figure this out, time to move them into their new home.

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So often I just don’t have time to stop and think of what we will be having to eat for meals.  I do shop weekly for basics, perishables and coupon sales, but my shopping consists of sales fliers, coupon stacks and stocking up mentality, not purchasing all my weeks meal ingredients at one time.  I, as you know, preserve a lot of my foods.  Knowing I can feed my family healthy meals and purchase pet items and cleaning supplies for $100 – $150  a month is satisfying and no I don’t feel they are at all missing out by not getting soda, chips and convenience foods, or the runs to fast food joints.

To keep order and organization to this I keep a planner, a three ring binder that holds weekly, bi-weekly and monthly menu plans. I actually set mine up in a bi-weekly fashion with lenience. Shopping list check offs,  Grocery list of all items to stock pantry, refrigerator, freezer and more with what I need.  Also included are clear pockets to hold coupons. If interested you can find your own calenders to print and use here.

As I just finished next weeks menu, I thought I would share with you how I set up my week(s) of meals.  By pre-setting it keeps me from last minute desires to run out and grab something, or fast food nights.  As you will see though the week, everything is used up so it’s fresh slate by the time the next week rolls around.  Things I can make in bulk are, frozen for the next week, or next month meal menu.

Meal Calender – (My “food week” begins on Saturday)

Saturday – Breakfast

Scrambled eggs with bacon, tomato, cheese, onion.  Toast with jam, milk and orange juice

Saturday – 1st snack

Yogurt with pineapple, water

Saturday – lunch

Tuna/Pasta Salad  (left-over from day before),  homemade apple sauce, milk and water.

Saturday – 2nd snack

Veggie Tray (cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, green peppers, celery prepared and put into a divider serving tray with non-fat dip for week-long serving) and water.

Saturday – Supper

Whole Chicken Roasted, mashed potatoes & gravy, green bean casserole, orange jello with pineapple, milk and water.

Sunday – Breakfast

Deviled eggs, sausage, cinnamon rolls, canned peaches, milk and orange juice.

Sunday – 1st snack

Homemade yogurt with peaches and wheat germ and water.

Sunday – lunch

Sausage and gravy biscuits, apple, milk and water.

Sunday 2nd snack

Veggie Tray & water

Sunday – Supper

Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes, cooked carrots, apple sauce, milk and water.

Monday – Breakfast

Pancakes with canned peaches and syrup, sausage,  milk and orange juice.

Monday – 1st snack

Cottage Cheese & apple sauce.  Celery sticks and water

Monday – Lunch

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, tomato slices with pepper and basil, grapes, milk and water.

Monday – 2nd snack

Veggie Tray

Monday – Dinner

BBQ Smoked sausage, baked beans, canned corn, biscuits, canned pears, milk and water.

Tuesday – Breakfast

Oatmeal with raisins, milk and orange juice.

Tuesday – 1st snack

Cottage cheese, canned pears, milk and orange juice.

Tuesday – lunch

Baked beans, biscuits, grapes, cucumber/tomato salad, milk and water.

Tuesday – 2nd snack

Veggie tray.

Tuesday – Supper

Lentil – Rice Medley, broccoli & cheese, thawed blueberries in milk, water.

Wednesday – Breakfast

French toast with blueberry syrup, bacon, milk and orange juice.

Wednesday – 1st snack

Yogurt with blueberries and water

Wednesday – Lunch

Chicken salad sandwich, carrot sticks, grapes, milk and water.

Wednesday – 2nd snack.

Veggie tray

Wednesday – Supper

“Breakfast for Supper Night!” Broccoli, bacon, cheese Quiche,  banana, milk and orange juice.

Thursday – breakfast

“banana bread” oatmeal, milk and orange juice.

Thursday – 1st snack

Cottage cheese with strawberry/mango preserves, water

Thursday – Lunch

Homemade bread with gravy and peas, yogurt-strawberry-banana parfait, water

Thursday – 2nd snack

Veggie tray

Thursday – Supper

Chicken soup and salad, fresh rolls and butter, fruit salad, milk and water.

(This is clean the fridge day, remaining fresh vegetables go into a soup, left over fruits go into a salad, fresh is purchased on today’s weekly shopping trip with sales flier in hand. This is also the day I make fresh homemade bread, rolls, etc for week ahead.)

Friday- Breakfast

Pancakes with canned peaches, sausage, milk and orange juice.

Friday – 1st snack

Yogurt with peaches, water

Friday – Lunch

Tuna Sandwich, carrot sticks, apple, milk and water.

Friday – 2nd snack

Veggie Tray

Friday – Supper

Tuna-Pasta Salad, vanilla pudding with peaches, milk and water.

So ask me again if I feel my family is deprived by my keeping to a budget, pre-planning , preserving and making my own foods from scratch and stocking away.  My answer…No.


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It’s quick, simple and the kids love it.  To be honest I am rather partial to it myself.

BBQ Pizza

Pizza crust of your choice

BBQ Sauce, your favorite, homemade or what’s on sale that week.

Mozzarella cheese, shredded

Cilantro and Parsley

Make like you would a traditional pizza.

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