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One Lump Or Two?

Valentines is soon approaching and I am far behind in being prepared for it.  I still have fabric and felt heart ornaments to finish sewing.  Cross stitch valentine plaques to finalize for an order. There are gingerbread valentine cookies for all the children in my son’s school.  A PTA party in which I’ve been given the charge of providing sweets, for that I will do an assortment of biscotti .  Then there is this, decorated sugar cubes for the Teachers, Principle and rest of the staff.

As decorated sugar cubes can be made in advance and stored in airtight containers without any issue. I have been working diligently on this project.  Each individual will get a 24 piece gift box.  a total of 35 gift boxes are needed in total.  (This school believes in the “If you bring for one, you bring for everyone philosophy. So that’s 35 staff, 500 students, and 275 PTA members, you do the math.) So far I’ve accomplished getting the ones which will have red hearts done, but have not yet gotten the arrows  completed as the frosting needs time to dry and set.

Should you want to try your own hand at decorating sugar cubes, or even cookies.  I recommend a few tips.

1.) Chose either to use a Royal Frosting, or a thick confectioner sugar frosting.  These are made with confectioner sugar frosting as I wished them to retain a bit of a sheen for the hearts, the arrows will be done with a Royal Frosting.  If you want to do fine scroll work, writing and such Royal Frosting is the best option as confectioners tends to “run” slightly.

2.) Don’t bother wasting time and money on decorator bags if you don’t already own them.  Purchase a good cake tip and the connectors (or several) and use Ziploc or equivalent baggies.  Simply cut a small section off one corner of the baggie, insert your connectors, tip, secure and you are good to go.  They can be rewashed and reused again many times before needing to be discarded.

3.) Unused icing can be stored in the fridge in the baggy, simply pull out and let warm to room temperature before using again. Left over icing is wonderful drizzled on homemade donuts, cinnamon rolls and desserts like puddings or pies.  True you might end up with some strange color rather then white frosting on your cinnamon rolls, but who cares if they taste good right?

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