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I have a confession, I really like discarded tires.  They make wonderful rings around baby saplings and new propagation shrubs and roses.  Strawberry beds, flower beds, vegetable beds…oh the possibilities are endless. Best of all, they are usually free or very close to it.

I’ve used them for years to protect new saplings such as is shown with the baby orange tree from accidental lawnmower or weedwacker clipping.  Or to expand my supply of bulb flowers such as crocus, lilies, tulips and daffodils before separating and replanting in established beds.  They have become nurseries for vegetable and flowers in the transition stages. I’ve been known to stack two atop each other, fill with soil and stock full of tomatoes, single layer ones become beds for various lettuce, radish, or herbs.   Three high stacks make wonderful potato beds, in the fall, just kick over the tires and gather your hidden goods in their full glory.  You can arrange them side by side at various heights to display a rather unique look, paint them if you so desire to decor of your choice.  They work with limited landscape, or in areas where the ground just isn’t suitable for proper planting..IE:  flooded, clay or sand.  Next time you see a tire discarded at side of road, consider the possibilities.

**Yes, I did trim the grass around the lilies after taking that picture.**

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