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Two more of the Zoo crew, Red-Fang the Rosy-Haired Tarantula and Tully the 3-Toed Box Turtle.

Tully came to us after being tossed out of a car window in middle of a road. Poor thing looked like a scene from a cartoon spinning upside down on his shell. Luckily there was no shell damage done, but he did suffer from lack of proper nutrition which left the edges of his shell brittle and beginning to curl.  He’s since been put on a more healthy diet of earth worms and meal worms dipped in vitamin supplements and he’s looking much better. We’re still working on the fruits and leafy greens. He will take them but they are most certainly not his food of choice.

Red-Fang is…well she’s just a sweetheart.  She is a pet store rescue who’s vision is extremely bad, either result of a bad molt or genetics, but it has not stopped her one bit.  She has become very comfortable with handling and even at first when it spooked her she was very placid about. I’m first to admit, I do -NOT- like spiders! Yet, with her being a larger spider I find I am very comfortable with handling her and fear more for her then myself while doing so.  Even the smallest of falls can harm tarantula’s who’s abdomens are extremely heavy and risk being cracked open in them.

Red and Tully have made a couple trips with me to Elementary school to educate on how to care for these types of pets.

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