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I know, I know…I can just spend a few dollars and get a plastic pumpkin treat holder from any store, but well I love the idea of something that can be reused, not just at Halloween but all summer as well. I also make these for gathering eggs at Easter or wrapping up presents for Christmas.

To make your own t-shirt treat bags you just need a plain t-shirt in seasonal colors and felt or fabric paint.  This particular one I did with fabric paint, but for those I wish to remove the design from to allow for everyday wear I opt for felt.

If you are not good at freehand stenciling, you might wish to create or purchase a stencil to use.  A simple stencil you can make is using printer paper and simply cutting out the design.  This can be pinned onto the shirt and used numerous times.

For felt work, simply cut out the pieces in the design you desire.

Either paint your stencil or secure your felt pieces with simple stitches or fabric hot glue to hold them in place.  If you plan to reuse your shirts, opt for stitches which can be removed with a seam ripper after the holidays are over.

Now that your design is in place, flip the shirt inside out and stitch along the bottom to create the bag.

That’s it, your own re-useable treat bag.

Some ideas:

Orange shirt + jack-o-lantern face

White shirt + ghost face

Black shirt + witch silhouette or black cat features.

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