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Long, steaming, fragrant, luxurious baths is there really anything better to wash the stress away?  I admit, it’s rare I get opportunity for such luxuries.  For the last ten years the majority of my baths involve quick in and out jumps in the shower, a child at the door that suddenly has to “go now!’, or is laying outside prone against the floor asking over and over what I’m doing. This is if I’m lucky, the youngest one is also sly enough to recognize if I’m in the tub, I can’t catch her getting into the “forbidden” stuff in the pantry.

Yet, on the rare occasions I do get to treat myself to a truly relaxing bath time I have a few tricks up my sleeve to save money on expensive bathing spoilers. Sugar scrub is one of these such items. I love the feeling the exfoliating scrub leaves on my skin and the softness to it from the oil.

To make you own is very simple and requires four to five ingredients.  They are:

MYO Sugar Scrub

1/4 cup demerara cane sugar (Course sugar)

1/4 cup white sugar (fine sugar)

3 tbsp liquid oil (Olive or aloe vera work best)

1/4-1/2 tsp fragrance oil  (Mix and match scents if you desire to create Lavender/Camomile, Vanilla/Verbena, Lavender/Vanilla, Gingerbread Cookie.)

Put all items together in a bowl and stir with spoon. If you find the sugar to dry, add a few drops more oil and stir until desired consistency.

You can also add other ingredients, such as epsom salts for reliving aches, crushed herbs or flower pedals.

Now…go make yourself some sugar scrub and enjoy a relaxing soak.

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