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The big day has finally arrived, well big to my son who is turning 11 today that is.  It’s been fun and interesting trying to create a Star Wars theme party for him with specific requests.  Things had to glow, be “spacy” and a bit gross, unusual and mysterious.  To day least this left a bit of a challenge for a friend and I to come up with ideas to try to meet the requirements.  I think we did alright in end.

The drink was the first challenge, he wanted something close to what Luke drank. To find a similar color required blue koolaid mixed with a just enough redi-whip to create a “milky” appearance.  I lucked out and found neon test tube shot glasses which I will be displaying over glow sticks surrounded by little containers of dry ice for “fog”.

Then there was the matter of Jabba’s “snack” container.  To solve this one I purchased some plastic frogs which I enclosed in “swamp” jello.  The frog they find just one of their gifts.

We also have space slugs in their own juices.  Or better known as Lil’ smokies in bbq sauce.  Good and sloppy just the way space slugs should be.

The cake was…well…once his buddy was able to get him settled on a type of cake and a color of frosting we had a base to go on…He wanted simple with Darth Vader to be front and center.  The only candle allowed on the cake was the Vader candle.  To make sure I didn’t overdue it or make it to “Girly” my son monitored the entire process informing me just how much to do.  I admit, I would have done a lot more if given liberty but he’s happy so that’s what matters.   Thankfully he gave me liberty on the cupcakes so I went fancier on those. 

There is also pizza, and salads and a few other complimentary sides.

It was a lot of fun and I hope he has a great day.

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