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I’m A Hoarder…

It’s true, I confess, I am a hoarder.  The definition of the term is, “Behavior that leads people or animals to accumulate food or other items in anticipation of future need or scarcity.”.  This most assuredly defines me.  In fact I have been a hoarder for years and am exceptionally proud of it.  Every year based on the seasons I hoard away fruits, vegetables, herbs, dried flowers and seeds from that seasons harvest.  I stock up on household items, cleaning supplies, toiletries and unmentionables when they go in sale.  I never plan to buy by the week in shopping trips, but rather in non-perishable, or those to be canned or frozen I look to 3-6 (or more) months worth of stash using coupons.

I hide my stash too.  It can be found in boxes in closets, under beds, cupboards, on shelves, in fact as I type this there is a dozen baby food jars of garden seeds sitting on side of my work desk.

I don’t mind the extra work involved in assuring my family is well fed and there is a variety of foods available for making meals.  I don’t miss running out of things and making emergency trips.  It’s rather nice to when something runs out, just going to the hiding place and getting another.  Of course it does come with draw backs, my laundry/storage room and walk in closet look like mini marts.  I do have to take time once a month to rotate the stock to assure the oldest items are used up first, and Sunday involves coupon clipping while Monday and Wednesday involve searching adds to get the best deals available on sale items using up those coupons…but these are minute issues.

Yet, as I said, I am rather proud of being a hoarder.




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