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This wasn’t a topic I had planned to blog about, but being Sunday I had plenty of coupons that needed to be cut out, sorted, filed and of course the expired ones removed. Yes I cut coupons, boy do I cut coupons. I cut coupons for work, for myself, well…let’s just say I cut a lot of coupons.  Because of this there is always those I, and they, don’t use or have need for as well as the endless sorting of expired ones which didn’t match sales in the coupon box.  There in lead to my dilemma. If you are like me, you hate to throw them out, it feels like a waste, you know someone somewhere can use them…and so began my search some time back for what to do with these expired or unused coupons.

Now, for those with non-expired dates, you could take them to the store and lay them atop the product the amount off is for.  This will allow someone else to come and use the coupon who actually can use the item.   You also could consider taking ones such as for diapers and baby formula’s to your local Planned Parenting center to aid costs for new mothers.  Pet product coupons can be taken to your local no-kill rescues who may take them for use on food to aid the animals in their care.  Also many libraries host a coupon box which you can place them in for others to look through for discounts off items they use.

For both not yet expired as well as expired coupons (provided they are not over 6 months old since date the coupon expired) these can be mailed to service men and women over seas to aid them in their own grocery and supply needs.  Tonight’s sorting and clipping has resulted in a bulk mailer box which I will be mailing out this week to our Military personal and their families stationed abroad.

There are of course plenty of lists found on the internet to where you can send these coupons for distribution.  I personally prefer to send them either directly to the families in need, or to the base themselves.

http://www.ocpnet.org/Base%20List/BaseList1.htm   – Has a list of locations and bases which coupons can be sent to for distribution.

http://www.couponstotroops.com/   – This is another wonderful site with not only methods to send the coupons but also information for you.

In this world of hustle and bustle we often don’t stop to consider other individuals who might benefit from one simple small action by us.  It’s easier to just throw something away then be “bothered” to take the next step to help someone out.  I know it’s just a strip of paper with $ .25 cents off written on it, but I hope for just one person it makes their day a little easier.

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This warmer then usual winter weather has my small flock working overtime to give me upwards of 8 to a dozen eggs a day.  While I know when they slow down and I’m lucky to see one or two eggs daily I will miss these over productive days, right now it’s bottom line is just a lot of eggs.

While there are ways to use up abundance of eggs such as making quiche, curds, meringue’s..when you are faced with four dozen eggs a week, and rely on your own flock for your fresh egg supply often finding a way to preserve the bounty for those off season months is desired.

To manage this, I freeze them.  While they do not make for good baking eggs, they are wonderful as scrambled eggs, fried eggs and egg sandwiches.  My method for doing such is fairly simple.  I grab my muffin tins and grease them well with Pam.  To each muffin cup I crack one egg inside.  Some I leave with yolks whole, be aware that frying these the yolk is less runny.  Others I break the yolk in for those who prefer hard fried eggs.  To make scrambled, simply scramble the egg with cheese, sausage/bacon, onions or whatever else you like in your scrambled eggs and pour  into cups.   Once hardened, remove from muffin tin and put in Ziploc baggie or use a vacuum sealer.

Use up the eggs in 6 months.

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