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It started so innocent, really it did.  Several years ago our local grocery store started putting their unwanted or starting to suffer plants for sale at heavily discounted prices.  I, of course, snatched these $.50 – $1.00 gems in the rough and brought them home. Tulips, Freesia, Hydrangea’s, Daffodils of all shapes and colors eventually found their way into my yard flower beds.  Roses, mostly miniatures, of beautiful shades and fragrances filled a rose bed and from them I did cuttings and forced new plants. Fall mum’s another rescue from the stores that worked their way to produce seeds for the next years planting.  Really I tell you it started so innocent. 

Over time and through the years I have dug up the bulbs after the stocks die back and die, missing a few that shock me with their reappearance the next spring in places I didn’t expect them and almost always outside the flower beds.   They are laid out on newspaper and the bulbs allowed to dry, separating the new babies from their mothers.

This process is always fun, needing to remember what beautiful color flower each of the now uniform brown bulbs will produce.

I will be first to admit, it warms my heart and gives me pride when the first little sprouts of green burst from the soil as the bulbs come to life once more.  I love the fragrance they offer, some I leave alone to show off their glory under the sun.  Others are cut and placed in displays on my table.  Others are dried or placed into vinegar or vodka to create tincture’s.  Cleaning your house or washing clothing with freesia scented vinegar solution is just one of the added pleasures of my obsession.

Yet, through the years I have through this method of sowing, harvesting and dividing acquired a huge number of bulbs and seeds.  So to put them to use and to allow others to enjoy the flowers as much as I do, I have taken to planting them in individual pots filled with 3-4 bulbs each.  These then will be sold at the local farmer market store for Easter and spring planting.  The man who runs the store even asks of them to return the bulbs rather then throw them out if they have no other use for them, and from those who do, the bulbs come back to me for the next year. 

Today I spent some time planting the second set of bulbs in their pots.  The smaller pots hold dwarf narcissus, tulips grace the middle side as freesia the larger.  The picture shows just a few of the number planted today. In total 25 pots of narcissus, 20 tulips and 15 freesia were planted.


To add to the spring fun, the mint is growing like crazy and going to need to be harvested and dried this week also, it’s moved from it’s bed, to be part of the yard, surround the house and taken over the back yard as well. Oh and there are 10 chicken eggs in incubator ready to hatch any day now.  It’s going to be another crazy week.

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