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Meet Rowdy, he is the newest addition to the little barn.  Rowdy is a throw away rooster who’s last owner didn’t want him due to, as she put it, “Aggression issues”.  She had put him for free in the town paper and of course, I answered the call.  When I arrived to pick up Rowdy I learned the woman had gotten him for her young son as a “pet”. Rowdy was the only chicken the woman owned and he was kept in a small pet taxi he barely fit in beside their dog kennel.  It wasn’t a matter of Rowdy being aggressive, as he needed room to move and of course, a woman or two to keep him content.  Rowdy has proven to be anything but aggressive, in fact he’s turning into quite the cuddle bug or would that be cuddle bird, well either way he’s got an affectionate and inquisitive side.  He’s a large rooster and will make a good father for the meat birds.

Clyde, however, does not know what to make of Rowdy.  Those who remember Clyde know he’s my trouble making little mess of a rooster.  Clyde…oh what can you say about Clyde?  Clyde has issues, he’s tiny to begin with being smaller then all the hens.  This doesn’t stop him from turning into a ball of feathers and pitiful squalk (there isn’t much more to him that then) as he goes after living, and non living, things far bigger then him. He can’t crow, oh he tries, he truly does try with all his little might to get a big boy crow, but the most he manages is a garbled, shrieking monstrosity of a sound.

Now poor Clyde is being plagued with the likes of Rowdy and he is NOT happy with this arrangement.  Though I do have them separated, it does not stop the little guy from puffing up and strutting back and forth along the wire wall, shrieking and garbling his little heart out.  The worst comes when Rowdy dares crow or come near the wire to close, then it’s on and in a fury of feathers Clyde’s off on the attack…of the plastic food bin, or the food dish, or the broom in corner, or the little basketball he likes to push around the coop.  They never stand a chance against Clyde.

I’m fairly sure if roosters could laugh, Rowdy would be doing it the entire time.

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