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This damp, warm weather has been very kind to the mint crop this year.  In the picture is a portion of a new patch of spearmint that sprung up in the side yard.  In total, and with very little work from myself in expanding the harvest, I have acquired the equivalent of half an acre of mint beds of various types. I would probably have far more then that if I didn’t cut my lawn as most of the lawn itself is a mix of grass and mint.

From now until  June I will be cutting, hanging, drying, soaking, infusing, chopping, and rooting mint like there is no tomorrow.  Some will go as dried mint supplies to craft makers. Others will be infused in alcohol, body and culinary oils. There will be the homemade soaps, cleaning solutions and scrubs.  Cuttings will be taken, rooted, potted and sold.  Come June I will leave sections of the mint beds to grow up full once more and flower out, providing summer treats and winter stock ups for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

I do get a chuckle out of every morning chasing a cottontail rabbit from her resting spot in the middle of the mint. I can’t blame her, if I could sleep on a soft bed of scented glory I would take advantage of it as well.

Another plant that is thriving with the abundance of rain and warm weather is the wild blackberries.  White flowered mounds are in full display showing off to any who pause to notice. Moving here ..now many years ago…there were a couple blackberry vines that grew along the forest edge, now there are large brambles of them scattered throughout.  I couldn’t be more thrilled by this.  The taste of the wild blackberry, while smaller then those found in stores, is so much better.  Come a couple months I will be out harvesting the berries for jams, pies, syrups, and various treats.

While the rain we have gotten recently has helped get us closer to out of the drought, we aren’t out of the woods yet…so as long as there is not any major storms bring on the rain.

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One year ago I started the bathroom remodeling project. Yesterday I finally put the final piece in place with the carpeted floor. I hadn’t exactly planned on replacing the carpet however, a neighbor/meter reader, never did find out whom, turning on the water main when I had shut it off to replace tubing on the tub lead to a flood and in turn needing to replace the old carpet.  I’ll gladly admit it was probably the only time I’ve been thankful there is only one bathroom in this house because working carpet around that toilet was a pain in the…….shoulders.  Ok, not the word I was going to say but it’s true. Today my muscles across my shoulders are not pleased with me. I’ll just assume it’s due to having to position myself at strange angles to get the cut right, or maybe it’s just that I’m getting old. Think I’d rather go with the strange angle theory.

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