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I’m trying to move a “White Robe” hydrangea I had propagated into the yard but all this wet weather is not helping.  I was not sure it would grow, after all it was a dumpster dive cutting.  Yes, when a local garden center would not let me purchase plant at heavy discount because it was in their “to be thrown out” pile.  I ..sort of.. snipped off a few stems and shoved them in my purse.  It rooted fairly easily and grew, and bloomed, and is beautiful.

While on the entire “one man’s junk” topic.  This weekend I was at Lowe’s getting some wire….well that’s another story, but, while there I did my usual browsing of their “trash” flowers which most Lowe’s have on a little cart in the gardening center.   I have a criteria when browsing this, if it grows from a bulb, if it can be transplanted by cuttings, or if it has visible flowers that will give me seeds…it’s mine, and sometimes if it’s a perennial with promise to return after dying off.   On this particular trip there was Gerbera Daisy plants in full (though beginning to die back) bloom.  I grabbed all five and brought them home with me.  I now have a container of beautiful seeds for replanting.  Next time you go to your local nursery looking for plants for your yard, I highly suggest you check out their reduced rack to see what you can use to beautiful your own yards and patios. 

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