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Peanut Butter, a household staple and when you have children often a must have necessity for when they go through their food fussy stage.  We are all so use to buying it off store shelves that we forget how truly easy it is to make at home with two ( three max) ingredients and a food processor or blender.

I will admit I chuckled typing the title of this post, however, while this shows the making of peanut butter, other nuts can be substituted and create similar results.  Hazelnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, feel free to experiment.

Now some might be asking why make your own peanut butter when it’s so simple to just buy it off shelves.  Well for one, buying peanuts in bulk is far cheaper and goes farther.   Secondly you can control what goes into your food rather then be forced to deal with over salted, sugar or saturated in unhealthy fats and additives.  Thirdly, FDA allows a certain amount of “Filth” to be found in processed foods.  I’m not speaking of a bit of field dirt here which, if you lived on a farm you probably sample at least one time or another. I’m certain that’s part of the list but  I’m speaking of worms, bugs, and other things that might slip their way through the commercial machinery.  Call me what you will but I really do prefer to know what is in what I am eating.

Alright, enough chatter.  The recipe to make you own.  You need …peanuts (or other type of nut), some form of oil  (I prefer olive or peanut) or water.  That’s it…now you can also put a little sugar or honey in if you would like yours a bit sweeter.  That is fully up to you.

Pour your peanuts in your blender or food process and slowly pour in a couple drops of the oil, and I do mean drops it is very easy to over due and get runny peanut butter rather then creamy.  Start blending to break down the nuts until fine chopped.  If you want crunchy peanut butter, now is the time to take about 1/4 of the nuts back out to stir back in later.

With the remaining nuts SLOWLY pour in the oil.  This step is easier with a stand blender or food processor but if you do it a little at time, blend, check, tiny bit more, blend, check..you will reduce chance of over liquifying.

When you finish you should have a nice creamy base.  At this point you can choose to leave as is, stir in your retained peanut bits to create crunchy, add a little honey or sugar to sweeten or add salt if you desire.

In this house there is of course the final step in the creation process. That is to look at the counter beside you where a little one is perched, finger inching towards the creamy delight laid before them.  The one last final step giving the go ahead to taste test and make sure it’s passing the pint size judges stipulations. I’m pleased to say this batch passed the test.

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