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First batch of the years harvest of spearmint dried and bagged.

I wish I could say it was without event, but I can’t.  Being that I do not use any pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals on any herb, vegetable or plant I grow there is bound to be some insect that will find them irresistible.   This year, it was rolly polly’s or otherwise known as pill bugs by the thousands.   Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the little polly’s, in fact they were the first insect I introduced my children to as infants, but, I don’t like them invading my back room.   I can only assume that they came in with the last of eight bags harvested that day.  It was starting to storm, I wanted to get in and out of the elements before I became a lightening target so I grabbed the bag and ran.  Normally I would have stopped to wash the mint at the hose before this but it’s possible in the rush to get myself and kids inside I forgot this step.  The result of this slight oversight? A week and counting of picking polly bugs off my back room walls to be freed back into the great outdoors.

Yet, the true lesson came a few days after when deciding to put some dried herbs in blender to powder down for use in soap making. (Powdered allows for a finer soap ingredient then crushed or cut).  Having already done some batches the normally see through blender pitcher was dusty green.  My ever curious daughter being ever so helpful, wanted to make sure this contraption was doing it’s job properly and pulled up the little cup lid that blocks the hole you can add things into without shutting off the machine.  Powdered dry mint + moving, turned on blender = a huge cloud of minty goodness green powder now covering counter, cupboard doors, ceiling and of course…the daughter.   I don’t wish to know how much was lost that day to the kitchen dusting, I just cleaned it up, cleaned up the girl…and contemplated using the remaining mint in blender to mix up some mojitos.

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