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It’s been a several day adventure into the land of whipped eggs around here.  To begin there was the creation of the curds, then the creams, the meringues and finally putting them all together into the most satisfying, sweet, delectable, melt in mouth half-dollar size pillows of air one can only imagine.  These are not your lemon cream pie meringue topping cookies.  These cookies are break apart, melt on tongue crisp.  My son calls it biting into a puff of air and he’s not far off.

In the pictures there is the completed Little Lemon Pillows filled with lemon curd and infused with vanilla bean and lemon zest.

There is also the outer “shells” for the Key Lime Pillow Bites filled with key lime curd and infused with vanilla bean and  lime zest topped with green sugar sprinkles.

Strawberry Dream Bites are represented in the pastel sprinkles “shells” to be filled with a strawberry cream filling and infused with rose hips.

The Maple Meringue Cookies are vanilla and maple infused meringue with a thin maple glaze and sprinkled with gold adornments.

All the baking is now done, tomorrow the final assembling is all that is needed.  But I’m exhausted and going to bed.


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