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If you are financially struggling, or just wish to save a few dollars and yet still have seeds for a garden during your next trip to the local farm market or grocery store consider purchasing a few carrots to use to bring to seed for next years garden planting. Carrots are simple to grow and during their growth period product a rather pretty fern like plant to display in your yard or home.

To begin sprouting your own carrot tops, you simply need to cut off the tops, leaving 1/4 to 1/2 inch of flesh remaining.  Place the tops in shallow bowls filled with water.  Keep well watered and wait.  Before long they will begin sprouting little green “buds” which then proceed to leaf out.  At this stage you can transplant them into a pot filled with dampened garden soil.  Water well and secure in either a clear plastic bag secured with a rubber band to create a mini greenhouse, or place in a opaque Rubbermaid style tub with lid. The Rubbermaid tub makes it’s own nice little greenhouse effect.  Keep out of direct sunlight but be sure it achieves strong light.

If you wish to not be  bothered with the above greenhouse steps, you can plant directly into your garden or flower bed.

Let the plant grow, eventually flower heads will appear.  Once they die back and produce seeds, remove the flower and shake carefully over waxed paper or newspaper to catch all the tiny seeds.  Store seeds in air tight container or baggie.

There you have it, a way to try new carrot strains, increase your own seed supply, beautify your home or flower beds and put to use something which you would normally discard.

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