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Finally getting a day with some breaks between the rain I managed to get my lawnmower fixed, I might turn into a mechanic yet…not likely. The lawn cut in places dry enough, that means I got about 1/8th of the entire yard done with a couple pushing of the mud moments I won’t talk about. Managed to poison the fire ant mounds the grass hid and I kept finding to step in, and sport new war wounds for the effort. Dug up, separated and set to dry more daffodil, hyacinth, crocus, yellow freesia and tulip bulbs to be moved to a new bed (yet to be built) this fall, and noted the mint beds once more need another harvesting as well as the basil near stage for first harvest.  I also got to play chick wrangler when my daughter let the older chicks loose and I spotted them parading happily across the yard while throwing together a haphazard and reluctant enchilada dinner for an event tomorrow.

My mini roses are beginning to show their beauty. Knowing their deep love of tomatoes I have planted the two together and both are thriving, I highly stress the use of “family” and “companion” planting when putting together your own garden plans.

At the moment I have two in full bloom, Gingerbread Man, pictured above, and Tangerine Twist which is second picture on page.  These are two of ten miniature roses I picked up out of dumpster at an area Assisted Living Home two years ago, placed in ground and pretty much left them alone to see what they would do.  The first year four of the ten came back, this year I have eight of the ten that have greened out.  Sometimes patience does pay. 

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