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It’s been a challenge, fun but a challenge in redoing my kitchen island the last few days.  Texas heat and humidity this time of year is not a painters best friend but the project is finally finished and I think it turned out looking pretty nice.

The actual island is a non typical one, it’s a desk/dresser I picked up a while back at near to free price. I loved it’s look and that inside the doors were shelves on the left and basket drawers on the right.  I had plans from start to paint it  to fit more into it’s current task as an island for my kitchen but  I did not wish to do anything with it until after I had finished the flooring in the room to get an idea of what colors would look best with it.   The floor finally done, it was time to face the challenge.

I won’t go into great detail on the how, it was the typical sanding, priming, base coat, top coat, laminate method.

This is the final results.  Next step to work on the table behind the island in picture to paint the outer edges and legs black to match.  I won’t be touching the wood top as that was my inspiration.

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All the babies are growing up! While I do miss the cute little bundles of downy chicks chirping and the sweet little baby goat suckling from her bottle I am glad to see they are healthy.

I had planned to post sooner, but May has not been a kind month and truthfully I just haven’t felt much in the talking, much less posting mood.  It is not always easy taking in animals and not matter how much I fight for their lives, death sometimes wins.

But on a more positive note, I figured I would share some pictures of the farm flocks.  I always end up with a smile seeing them and their antics, especially Miss Frizz and Clyde Rooster as they do their mock battles to see who will win to be King of the Chair (they love to sit in a old green patio chair) that day.


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