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What do you do when you have a whole gallon pickle jar of beads and some clear stretchy line? Why what any sane person with insomnia would do at 3 am in the morning, you make identification leg bracelets for your chick flock.  Oh, I imagine I could purchase the more fancy leg bands from a poultry site but what for? Chicks grow so rapidly you replace the bands at least three times before they even reach six months of age.  For the growing stage I simply opt to make some nice little bracelets of assorted colors to tell them apart and which I don’t mind cutting apart later.

Another benefit to this method is that you can color code the bands as you see it.  For example, you might opt to stick to a primary color of lime green for identification, and then choose a offset color of royal blue to add as you replace larger bands to mark the months of age the chick is for tracking when egg production is expected.  For older chickens you might choose to use a second band with white and red beads to show when you have done health checks and red mite dusting.

Stretch bands as with any other type of band should be checked bi-weekly, weekly preferred, for tightness to the leg.  I prefer mine to be a little “sloppy” and replace as they lose the ability to slide up the leg with some ease, but with enough tightness to not slide off the foot.  Now, I will stress this with ANY type of band you choose to use, check them frequently to assure the band is not to tight or you risk doing serious damage and causing unnecessary pain to your flock. Some years back I had a rooster come to me that nearly had his leg amputated from a band placed on him as a chick and not removed as he grew so neglect of such nature is a pet peeve with me.  Please, check the bands. 🙂

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