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Remember a few posts ago I mentioned I’m a very big believer in “Make Do With What You Got.”?  This is another prime example of that concept.  My daughter was needing a Harvest Festival skirt made as she had well outgrown last years.  I had purchased several “Pumpkin Festival”  Kitchen Towels on sale and stashed them away for that rainy day.  Tonight I decided one would make a suitable skirt for my daughter to wear, with lining it would be comfortable, and the material would keep her warm.  It is really quite simple to make these or shorts from kitchen towels, here is how I did it.

1.) Select your towel and lining.

2.) Cut towel into two pieces at center fold. (This would be the location you would hang it from a towel rack).

3.) Trim off the pre-sewn side hems, if needed you can remove the original bottom hem as well and restitch it.

4.) Pin together one side of the skirt body, stitch together by hand or using sewing machine to form a hem.

5.) Measure and cut your lining material to the size of your new material and pin in place.  Stitch along the edges to hold both pieces in place.

6.) Measure length of elastic required to go around your child’s waist, leave a 2 inch allowance on either side for grasping purpose when you pull elastic through new waistband.

7.) Fold top of your new skirt over to form a 1-inch hem, stitch along bottom side of the fold to allow gap which will have elastic thread through for new waistband.

8.) Insert a safety pin into end of your elastic, this makes pulling and feeding it through material far easier.  Push the pin through while gathering the material around it, then feed the material back across the elastic “tail” you drag through.  Be sure to hold the other end of the elastic while doing this so you don’t pull it into the fabric.

9.) Once elastic is  pulled through, stitch the ends of elastic together at location needed for a snug fit on your child’s waist.  Don’t worry about extra elastic, you can either tuck it in for later enlargement of garment as child grows, or cut it off.

10.) Turning your skirt inside out, complete sewing on the last side hem to create the full circle.

That’s it, quick, simple project that can be done in under a hour.

*If your child needs more “room” two towels can be used to form the skirt.*

**If you prefer, ribbon can be used around waist rather then elastic using the same feeding process, at end simply do not stitch ribbon but rather tie knots in end to keep it from re-feeding back into material**

***This same process can be used to make adult skirts also, just rather then hand towels use bath towels.***

This is -not- the top she will be wearing, this was a catch me while you can photo moment to show final product.

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