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For any wondering what your freezer looks like after cooking for two weeks of meals? This is mine after cooking for two weeks worth of “Frozen Dinners.”   This is my “Main” kitchen freezer (One over refrigerator).  As I preserve as much food as possible, my second freezer holds containers of fruits, vegetables, freezer jams, bulk meats (to be pulled out later and remade into freezer meals), frozen herb cubes, onions, celery, mushrooms and other odds and ends for stock or soup making, frozen fresh squeeze fruit juices and the likes.

I can not praise these little containers enough.  Not only are they sturdy, they can go from freezer, to microwave, to dishwasher, back to freezer to be used over an over many, many times before needing to be replaced.  I use them in both freezers.  None divider ones are ideal for storing vegetables, fruits and herb cubes.  Just lay out the vegetable or fruit on a cookie tray, freeze to firm and pack in containers.  Reheat when ready to use.  Soups, stocks and fixings can go into larger or smaller square or round containers.  Everything can be neatly labeled, stacked and right at finger tips.  Definitely a worth while investment and far better then baggies that can bust open or glass jars that break.

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With the start of 2011 right around the corner, today was time for me to sit down and get tools in place to keep the chaos to as much minimum as I can gain control of.  As a parent of an autistic child with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) organization is highly important as are schedules. Here are some links that  I hope help you as much as they aid me.

2011 Monthly Calendar


Meal Planners (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly)


Weekly Shopping List

Click to access Groceries.pdf

Grocery List (Free sign-up wonderful resources)


Cleaning Supplies, Household Cleaning, Garden/Landscape/Plant care, Emergency Information, Babysitter, Grocery Price Comparison and more.


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I seem to be on a clean and de-clutter streak.  During a mission to find printable seed envelopes to use for a party favor, I ran across these wonderful printable embroidery floss (or thread in general) holders.  Just print out on heavy card stock, cut V’s and a slit and you are easily organized.  There is even space to print the thread batch numbers.

If you are interested, you can find this set which is called “Ornate” and a second set called “Whimsical”  here.


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